April 15 – Day of Environmental Knowledge!

Throughout his life, man is inextricably linked with nature. The very existence of man depends on the ecology. This is a science that is rapidly developing in the modern world and is striving to study the future state of the human environment. Therefore, the idea of introducing people of any age to the study of ecology arose in the world community. And having certain knowledge, a person will be able to properly use the resources of the earth, so as not to harm her and protect his health.

So there was a holiday Day of Environmental Knowledge, which is celebrated on April 15.

When passes

Every year on April 15, the UN calls on society in many countries to improve their environmental knowledge. The need for knowledge in the field of ecology is due to the fact that human well-being depends on a healthy environment and on the conditions in which a person exists. After all, ecology is able to cover a wide range of problems facing society. Knowing the basics of ecology will help to reasonably build a life for society, to feel like part of nature and fight for a comfortable environment. Therefore, you need to know how ecological systems develop and function.

Who notes

Ecologists and caring citizens who love nature, public organizations for the protection of natural resources celebrate this holiday. Using human resources of nature with complete ignorance of its laws is simply unacceptable. After all, water and atmosphere are polluted, land resources are being depleted, the environmental situation is deteriorating, which means that human life conditions are being violated. Every inhabitant of the planet should know the basics of environmental knowledge.

Interesting Facts :

The profession of ecologist is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. Ecological knowledge allows a person to be and live in harmony with nature.

Measures to protect nature can be held on the street, in open areas, accompanied by colorful flash mobs, drawing contests on an environmental theme, a special attitude to animal welfare organizations who organize various types of assistance to animals.

Many attributes of environmental actions have their own symbolism, logos on flags, t-shirts and posters with slogans.

They always say that you need to relax in nature. Nature with its beauty and clean air heals a person and gives him a surge of strength. Contemplation of natural beauty calms the nervous system, a variety of smells and sounds favorably affects the general condition of a person.

Protective green areas are under special control, where you can relax in silence and admiring the bright colors of natural landscapes.

Ponds must be cleaned, this is necessary for aquatic animals and a diverse flora.

Honey. workers found that the increase in the number of people with allergies, asthma and environmental degradation is interconnected. Human economic activity is increasingly becoming a factor in environmental pollution.

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