Flashmob of our students

Flashmob of our students

On October 14, in support of the Kasym-Zhomart Kemelovich initiative under the slogan “Green Kazakhstan” under the project “Green Bridge through Generations”, the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development, Baytak Bolashak Republican Ecological Public Association and Atakent JSC, Aport apple trees were planted and Tulpan. The event was attended by veterans who made a great contribution to the formation of Atakent Park. The event was held at a very high level, as the event was organized by three institutions. Planting youth trees with veterans is a sign of the importance of the holiday. Students of the specialty ecology, geoecology and environmental management, life safety and environmental protection of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University danced four flash mobs. The main goal of this event is to show people how to take care of nature, protect them, contribute, give examples to future generations and instill a sense of environmental awareness. We hope that this project will be developed and 18 million trees will be planted, and we will become a green country. We hope that if the relay race continues, our youth will support it.

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