Achievements and Problems of the Anti-Nuclear Movement to overcome the threats of an Atomic Catastrophe

Achievements and Problems of the Anti-Nuclear Movement to overcome the threats of an Atomic Catastrophe

The participants of the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Achievements and Problems of the Anti-Nuclear Movement to overcome the threats of an Atomic Catastrophe» organized within the framework of the International Decade for Rapprochement of Cultures and held on September 18, 2019 in Nur-Sultan, analyzed the activities of the anti-nuclear movement in Kazakhstan and also in the world over a thirty-year period, identified key stages of development and determined future  plans. Conference participants   noted a significant role in the struggle foe peace of the International Anti-Nuclear Movement «Nevada-Semey», the first public organization in Kazakhstan and the most authoritative and effective peacekeeping movement on the planet. By decision of UNESCO its archives were included in the world Register «Memory of World» – list of the documentary heritage of Humanity.

The movement achieved such success by applying for the first time in the world a new model – the interaction of popular and parliamentary diplomacy – taking the first real step towards general disarmament, stopping nuclear tests at the largest landfills on the planet.

The movement is ready to give a new impetus to its activities through parliamentarians of nuclear-weapon countries to build a nuclear-free world and establish principles of understanding and cooperation on issues of general disarmament. Prevention of a nuclear threat remains the “agenda” for all of humanity, as a number of countries are still striving to possess nuclear weapons.

Through its activities, the Movement will continue to contribute to the elimination and complete abandonment of nuclear, bacteriological, chemical and other types of weapons, the formation of public opinion about the inadmissibility of further work on the creation and improvement of weapons of mass destruction.

But, given the current situation with the arms race in the world, it is too early to stop there, the struggle continues. Understanding that the fulfillment of tasks in the new conditions is not a matter of one day, the veterans of the Movement are preparing for themselves a worthy shift from young like-minded people.By the way, the head of the youth organization “Nevada-Semey” Al-Farabi named after KazNU  Tanabekova Gulzhanat Bakytovna made a report on the activities of the youth organization.

At the new historical stage of its development, the Movement considers the main, priority and urgent goal to attract the youth of Kazakhstan and the entire planet to the struggle for a world free from violence and threats, which will give a new powerful impetus to the planetary movement for a nuclear-free world.

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