40th session of the UNESCO General Conference

40th session of the UNESCO General Conference

The UNESCO General Conference is held every two years and adopts the program, budget of the organization for the next cycle. In the 40th conference held in Paris, France at UNESCO headquarters from 12 to 14 November 2019 on behalf of KazNU al-Farabi was attended by head of the UNESCO chair on sustainable development, Ph.D., Bazarbaeva T. A. Conference focused on SDG 4, inclusive education, mobility and lifelong learning.

I would especially like to note that the main directions that are currently the main ones are highlighted: the issues of inclusiveness of higher education, the right of the young generation to receive quality education, the development of new methods, curricula adapted to today’s realities as global digitalization and mobility of the world. As the conference participants noted, the World needs solidarity to achieve the SDGs, and through education, you can get closer to this. Universities have been and will be a place of light and freedom. n a diverse society, mechanisms for the recognition of qualifications need to be developed. A pilot project «Qualification Passport» has already been launched by UNESCO, which has helped many to confirm their qualifications.

During the conference, there was a meeting with representatives of UNESCO responsible for the department, which were awarded the status of «UNESCO». Well appreciated the work done by UNESCO Chairs KazNU. al-Farabi to achieve the goals of the organization, promoting ideas on the submitted reports.






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