Al-Farabi Kazakh National University continues to expand the horizons for the preparation of bachelor-ecologists

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University continues to expand the horizons for the preparation of bachelor-ecologists

June 11-15 2018y., the International Seminar and sessions of the Working Group on the Development of an Educational Program in the specialty “5B060800-Ecology” in English were held at the Al-Farabi Library successfully. The grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the development of such an Educational Program was won by the teachers stuff of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development.

Taking part in the events related to the development of the main curriculum, the passport of the specialty and the coordination of the draft competences of the future graduate: representatives of Kazakhstan and foreign universities, stakeholders – organizations, and industry enterprises interested in future ecologists, lecturers of our university.

An interesting and very useful offline and online discussion on the filling of the curriculum with necessary disciplines arose between the foreign developers and the coordinator of the Educational Program, the acting professor, Tamara Tazhibayeva. The following foreign scientists joined the Working Group: Vice-Rector of the University of Porto, Professor José Carlos Quadrado (Portugal), Professor of Oxford University, Dr. Stanislav Shmelev (UK), Professor of the University of Middlesex, Professor of Environmental Science Lian Landy (UK). The moderator of the opinion of the stakeholders on the results of the training of specialists for work in various areas of ecology and environmental protection was Deputy Head of the Chair Ainur Tanybaeva. Our employers, in the person of academician, Director of the Research Center for “Oil and Gas” N.K. Nadirov, representative of the RP and IC “KazEkologiya” and Research Institute of Ecology A. Skakova, Director of the Institute of Polymer Materials and Technologies S.E. Kudaibergenov, Director of LLP “Biology of the Sea”, Deputy Chairman of the Republican Association “Kazrybkhoz ” S.R. Timirkhanov and acting Director of the Kazakhstan Association for Waste Management “KazWaste” V.Mustafina formulated the recommendations to form the competence of future environmental specialists.

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