Biodiversity and sustainable development

Biodiversity and sustainable development

Venue: 25 January 2018, from 10.00 to 13.00 hours in the White hall (room 409) of al-Farabi Library.
UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development of the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Sciences organizes an open lecture on “Biodiversity and sustainable development” Gilles Boeuf Professor at the University Pierre and Marie Curie – Sorbonne-Universités (France).

Professor Gilles Boeuf, also works at the Oceanographic Observatory Banjul in which he is engaged with research in the Centre for integrative biology of marine organisms. He spent 20 years in French Research Institute for exploration of the seas (IFREMER) in Brest, then led the Arago laboratory (University of Pierre and Marie Curie, National Research Center CNRS), Observatory of Sciences of the Universe in Banyuls-sur-Mer for 6 years, and during 4 years he was the Director of the Centre “Models in cellular and evolutionary biology”. He was the President of the National Museum of Natural history from 2009 to 2015. Also, Gilles Boeuf was invited to lecture at the Collège de France for 2013-2014 academic year, the Department “Sustainable Development, Energy Resources, Environment and Society”. This time he devoted his teaching the subject “Biodiversity and its intertwining with humanity.” He is currently Chairman of the Scientific Council of the French Agency for biodiversity.
Until April 16th 2017, he was a scientific adviser on science, climate and ocean in the office of Ségolène Royal, Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea (MEEM). He was authorized for missions under the President of the National Museum of Natural history. Gilles Boeuf was the President of the Commission for the environment Fund of France. He is the President of the Association of management of Natural forest reserves Massan (Eastern Pyrenees). The President of the national center of forest entomology OPIE-ONF, a member of the scientific Council of CIRAD (international cooperation Centre in agricultural research for development), member of the scientific Committee of the National forest management Committee member improvement of the Scientific Centre of Monaco, member of the scientific Council Deposit just cash on Biodiversity (branch Deposit-conciliation of cash). Involved Bureau International Platform for Biodiversity and Ecological Services (intergovernmental science and policy platform of the UN on biodiversity and ecosystem services). He is a member of the funds Hermés and ENGIE. Gilles Boeuf is a knight of the national order of the Legion of honor and the national order of Merit. In 2013 he was awarded the medal, the Grande Médaille Albert 1er for a career dedicated to the study of seas and oceans.
Gilles Boeuf – a specialist in environmental physiology, marine and terrestrial biodiversity. He also worked on the biological bases of aquaculture. Has written more than 400 scientific papers (more than 150 articles A H-index of 39), is also engaged in popularization of science, wrote chapters for books. He is often invited in France and in other countries: more than 130 travel abroad in 80 countries. He holds numerous public lectures, also intended for organizations, large institutions or enterprises, mostly about life in the oceans, living resources, role of water in the living world and on biodiversity.
He took an active part in the organization of the COP21 and continued its activities in the framework of the future conference COP22. He takes part in radio and television and reads a lot of lectures in many countries around the world (more than 120 lectures per year).

Everyone is invited!

UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development

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